Merrill     Dunes
2020 Pricing and Group Minimums have been adjusted to account for the difficult circumstances that most people are facing. There is an upside to everything and fun at the Dunes is easier to organize and an even better financial deal than it has been!

The regular price lists may become valid again should economic conditions improve so they have been left untouched.  So this VITAL page shows how to make price alterations for the better. If the complexity puzzles you, simply text or call (306-382-2728 or cell 306-280-4100) and you will get rapid assistance. But click on the 2020 Pricing Page button, above - that may answer your questions!

For private AIRSOFT events, take the adjusted paintball price (see below) and for a 2 hour event, subtract $11.00 and for a 3 hour event, subtract $15.00.  As an example, a 10 player/2 hr group will pay $34.00/player and a 10 player/3 hr group will pay $46.00/player and all taxes are included.  Group minimums are the same as for paintball and laser groups, and the regular minimums for those groups have been reduced for 2020. It is assumed that Airsoft players have their own equipment and pellets.  Gun and mask rentals are extra and pellets are available for purchase.  Bookings must be made and secured with a credit card.

For PAINTBALL and LASER groups; on Sundays, group size is a minimum of 10 players. Any other time there is no minimum. Bookings must be made and secured with a credit card. Pricing is based on the regular sliding price chart but any group is assumed to have 5 players more than it actually has.  Thus price is significantly reduced.  For example, a 10 player/2 hr paintball group is going to have a $45.00/player cost vs the old $48.75/player cost. A 10 player/2 hr laser group is going to have a $29.75/player cost vs the old $33.25/player cost.

For paintball, we are offering a "jug of balls" deal that allows a 6 player group to buy a limited number of paintballs for $2.00 per 100 and if the group is ten players the price drops to $1.00 per 100.  A slam-bang outing is assured!
Phone: 306-382-2728 or cell 306-280-4100