Merrill     Dunes
The world seems to be increasingly afflicted by a pandemic of CSCS - “common sense collapse syndrome” - and an outbreak hot spot appears to be in Ottawa, Canada. “Synthetic Do-gooderism” in conjunction with “flights of fantasy speculations” blended with “flimsy dogmatic certainty” as well as with spoiled brat “my way or a temper tantrum” operating style, has replaced Canadian tradition. The so called “democratically elected government” has hijacked the “democratic Canadian” label. Many feel that greater clarity would be re-established if labels like Wokada, or Chinada, or WEFada, or Trudillada titles were more accurately applied.  "Autocratic/screw what citizens think" operating style replaces the old.

Airsoft sport in Canada appears headed for mandated destruction as the noble Feds charge towards a ban on pellet guns – Pellet Guns - really??. My “breaking news” click button isn’t that far out. I see large numbers of airsofter on a very regular basis. Boys like guns and battle – a past (thousands of years of tradition) and present reality. How well are the Feds doing at drying up violent video gaming as they pretend that they can stamp out human nature and neuter the sexes? How different are hockey sticks or footballs and battle? I started the Merrill Dunes Paintball operation to get a son off mindless, solitary, violent video games – and my move was a no-brainer winner. When real people interact with paintball or airsoft guns (or hockey sticks) they interact with other real people and they learn to get along and play by rules and develop friendships under very testing conditions. They live normal lives unshackled by half baked or contaminated CSCS mandates! They are not the mentally scrambled souls who charge out of their circumstantially tortured, isolated personal cells and go on a killing spree.

Now, nine months on, the Canadian pillars of critical thinking, free speech, and personal responsibility are still precarious. Truly, foundational pillars are under CSCS attack. If this post proves popular, will the street artist join Tamara and Chris as a Canadian martyr of sanity and concern for true values? May the tide turn quickly and may traditional, proven, successful Canadian values be restored. May the very real and lethal CSCS pandemic pass. May this message impact at least a few thinking minds.

When groups come to play action tag, the positive impact it has on the group is dramatic. Life is complex and well managed "conflict" builds group unity and strengthens friendships! Be it paintball or laser tag or airsoft, time and again I am hit with goodbye comments like “Thank you for doing this”, “I haven’t had so much fun since I was a little girl”, “Thank you for letting us come and play”, “The last time my son and husband were here they talked about it for two weeks after”. Members of regular groups will hang out in the parking lot for an hour or more, often into darkness, swapping stories and socializing – the Dunes serves as a social center for many regulars, especially in the airsoft crowd.

Many people realize that Merrill Dunes is unique in Canada for its action tag innovations and atmosphere – likely unique in the world. Our Canadian innovation on Canadian roots, “HEAT, EH!” game (Hockey Equivalent Action Tag) has players, who could be sitting on their team players’ bench, usually standing, cheering, and eagerly awaiting their shift as each game ramps up towards the climatic final 10 seconds. The game is a winner and exists only at Merrill Dunes!

So, a female presenter from a major local TV station asks to stop out and report on Merrill Dunes. I assume she was out with a group or heard a glowing report from a friend. I was quite happy to oblige but just before the interview, she sends a text saying top management would not allow any coverage of an operation associated with guns. Especially if you have been to Merrill Dunes, do you sense a "common sense" disconnect? What forces are impacting the media manager? Where is the tsunami guidance coming from? Step out of line and they take you away or fire you!  Are we still living in Canada or has that nation totally died and Wokada has replaced the old and successful pattern?

A very real characteristic of the CSCS afflicted crowd is to decree “solutions” to what they see as problems that invariably result in the new ambulance running over the citizen who it is reputedly meant to provide protection for. Shooting one’s self in the foot is a slightly accurate term but usually the CSCS agents end up shooting someone else in the foot!

Ban airsoft – grab present and future public money and hire government staff to divy it into psychiatric services and prisons and drug reaction moves – yaaaa! Go Wokada, Go!

Is a criminal going to rob a store using an airsoft gun – maybe – but better that than a real gun that can kill? Did the toy gun generate his criminal mind set or help reveal a problem? Is a true criminal going to challenge police with an airsoft gun? Not if he has any brains. Again, he isn’t going to seriously hurt anyone but the chances that his crime career will come to an abrupt end is rather high! Problem – CSCS non thinking then charges the cop with shooting a poor defenceless fool. Hmmm – how often will this happen? Experience and examples are really good teachers so long as CSCS manipulators don’t bury the obvious reality via blaming the reasonable and innocent.

These simple realities seem to be invisible concepts to the CSCS political type who rants out his ideas in a smoke and mirrors vote snagging formula supporting his idealized social disconnect.

How does high level leadership filter down to the individual? High level leadership uses its “credibility” to get the herd stampeding in a certain direction and once that happens, individual sheep find it very difficult to not be swept along and each individual, happily compliant or not, adds to the controlling momentum of the tsunami. A Merrill Dunes example;

Let me change direction very slightly and relate an embarrassing and frightening story – embarrassing and frightening for True Canadians (hopefully in the majority) – obviously not for the indoctrinated citizens of the Wokada managed stampede.

I happen to have three photographs that illustrate the murky depths that Canadian freedom and thoughtful, critical thinking and personal responsibility have slipped into.

I know a street artist in Alberta who was fired from a three person construction company for refusing to vaccinate. No EI for anyone who quits voluntarily! (Carol Pearce, Eli Palfreyman, Candace Nayman, and many others who dropped dead prematurely and with no obituary details, aren’t around to comment on the wisdom of the artist’s decision.) This occurred just after the anti-mandate Freedom Convoy had rolled through the town and the artist was suddenly motivated and had time for creativity. It was becoming increasingly obvious that one’s responsibility to freely speak one’s mind, thus informing the leaders of the “democracy” what the masses thought of their policies, had moved from being desirable to being very dangerous. Witness Tamara and Chris and Dr. Francis Christian and all, who should be given medals for attempting to gently heal the blindness of official “Canadian” leadership.

So the toxic environment forced the frustrated street artist to state a simple but totally truthful message under cover of darkness. This was done quite brilliantly on a February night at -6 temperature. Not an easy environment for paint flow and artistic expression.

How do you produce that level of artwork in pitch blackness in winter?
Is the message of the wall mural accurate? Is thoughtful expression safe to do in broad daylight? Are we living in Canada or Wokada?

Details then proved the point even further. The same wall, under the Tran Canada highway, had been a graffiti zone for at least 4 years as proven by Google images. No official effort was expended during that time to clean up the mess. The Freedom artist tidied up the cement surfaces with grey paint in full daylight without interference even from a rail official who walked past during the operation. Then the message was laboriously placed in one night and by day four, everything had been neutralized by civic workers. Where did the “panic” orders come from for the grey paint squad to leap into action? Where had the crew and their bosses been for the last four years?

You may have noticed, and if not, you should notice, that over the last two years, when someone of note dies suddenly, and there have been many, especially if they are relatively young, it is standard procedure for the establishment media to steam about what a wonderful person they were but to say nothing about the oddity of the person suddenly dropping dead.  Carol Pearse was a small enough person that the mainline local press could simply ignore her, Shoppers' Drug Mart could tell staff to refuse comment on the vax to death interval of 7 minutes, Sask Health could immediately know and publicly state that natural causes were involved but certainly not the booster.  Anyone knows that a main line doctor or a sports star has to be fully vaxed or they are off the game board.  Anyone also knows that a medical person, no matter how lengthy their positive reputation may be, is immediately vilified if they express any reservation about the wokian vax fixation and the wokian strong arm pressure tactics.  Be it pellet guns, support of "violent activity" at Merrill Dunes, troubling street art messages, or legitimate discussion of obvious vax concerns, there are two points at issue; firstly, stupid one-dimensional thinking and secondly, tyrant style suppression of the inevitable reactions of thinking people.  CSCS disease and Wokada suppression agents are a reality both in Canada and around the world!

Enjoy Airsoft while you can - the Feds KNOW that you will be happier without it!  Bill C21 is their bludgeon.  Will paintball and laser tag be next?  Is the "Airsoft" play an indicator of broader underlying motives?  What connections does Bill C21 have to covid policy and what do both say about the future?
Two amusing photos;  in early 2022, when the "fully vaxed" leader of the "democracy" suddenly and conveniently came down with the disease he was "protected" against, and decided to hide from the huge delegation of citizens who wanted to meet him and discuss his mandate actions regarding a highly questionable medical enforcement, some joker expressed a bit of short lived humour. Seems the grey coaters can smell humour, so that joke disappeared very quickly!

The second commentary on the Canadian condition may last a bit longer.  Surely any grey coater, or the grey coater manager, will feel a bit of guilt at applying the roller to this simple statement!

Check out this amusing article from CBC.  The author has covered Ottawa crime for a decade.  She reports very objectively on this "crime" situation and it is unlikely she will be fired for supporting the Freedom Convoy - a real risk for all CBC reporters, I am sure!

But any thinking person can look at the facts she presents, think how wonderful it would be to have the admirable Constable Neilson policing their district, and hopefully keep her example in mind when the woke winds change and the criminal activity that has made Kristina's life miserable, comes to an end!  1000s of Real Canadians it would seem would also happily plead "guilty" and be proud that they too stood for democratic government and tried to fund the Freedom Movement prior to the Federal controllers showing just what they were made of.  Very troubling!

The wise learn from their mistakes. The wiser learn from the mistakes of others. The even wiser learn by “reading the air”, accurately speculating as to the future, and avoiding making mistakes in the first place!

The World is a Big School, and the covid event can be seen as a learning exercise – a spotlight on and test of, the capabilities of mankind. It would appear that there may be shortages in skill at “reading the air”, at learning from mistakes of others, and even at learning from one’s own mistakes! All these shortages are symptoms of Common Sense Collapse Syndrome.

The Big System is like a super tanker – it is a complex maze of interlocking sub-systems and any one individual has little impact on its immediate direction and speed, even if he or she realizes that it is headed for the rocks. But on a personal level, independent progress towards sanity and crash avoidance is usually difficult, but at least possible in the short term. And rewarding. Appreciating the future of the Big System is important. Is it doomed or is it our faulted but basically secure life boat on the wild sea of unpredictable nature? Are there ways to look ahead, understand reality, and then take effective preparatory action?

If you think the covid event illustrates the rational action of concerned and honest men confronting the horrors of a hostile natural world, then you will likely feel that you and most leaders have wisdom well in hand and CSCS is a meaningless fabricated concept. Problems are being confronted. The way forward is rocky but manageable. The system is in good hands. There are no major underlying lessons that need to be learned. Proceed forward.

Now if you smell a rat and find the woke leadership style currently in vogue, puzzling AND troubling, I am claiming that by putting a few clues together, you can gain the ability to “read the air” and avoid, partially at least, major trouble that I am convinced lies just around the corner. This page took off on the topic of Bill C21 but there is a strong link between Bill C21 and the covid response and also with what is around the next corner. The vital components are individual freedom and individual responsibility to think and act and to not be a helpless victim of CSCS. If your somewhat optimistic view that the covid response has been well handled and then you have that view shattered to smithereens, you may well adopt a more critical view of the Big System and resolve to not let it dictate your thinking in future. Stay with me and you may be “stimulated”.

Note the advanced crash helmet*, the fire proof racing suit*, the roll cage*, the safety harness*, the head and neck support (HANS) system*, the balls of steel@. Is the fuel tank something more than a simple metal container?* Are there track-side crash barriers?*  Is there helicopter medical backup?*  Did this champion survive and die of old age, unlike most of his racing associates?@  Was his career somewhat of a miracle?@
Here is a photo from the 1957 Nurburgring, which Fangio won, giving him his final F1 win and clinching his 5th driver's championship.  This particular victory illustrated what Fangio could achieve when pressured, after a bungled pit stop where a tire changer lost a centre wheel nut. Fangio set several lap records and had his driver seat break free due to violent lift offs and landings as he fought to recover lost time.  He passed the two leaders on the last lap.  Rivals Peter Collins and Mike Hawthorn were as excited as Fangio at having been involved in such a performance. Collins stated "Today, Mike and I took first and second place in the "mortals" class!
Analogies are wonderful teachers and they exist everywhere around us. A classic personality and one classic analogy that relates to “reading the air” and current challenges that everyone faces, springs from the 1950 Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix.

It was the first season of Formula 1 racing and a man who would legitimately earn the name “El Maestro”, Juan Manuel Fangio, had the pole position in the renowned race. Fangio was a rather old Argentinean who had cut his teeth on the wild world of South American long distance road racing. He was already experienced with the details of riding on the fine line between high speed victory and death. That skill would take him to lasting international fame over the next seven years. On the first Monaco lap, Juan moved into the lead, unaware of events behind him. Average lap speeds through the winding city street course were 100mph+, even with 1950 technology and minimal safety considerations. As Juan approached what is known as Tabac corner, a blind corner at the end of a straight, he observed that the crowd was facing the corner, not looking towards him, despite his lead position. The crowd, positioned well above the roadway, had a better viewing position than the race drivers. Juan recalled a photo he had seen of a historic crash at Tabac caused by an ocean wave bursting onto the road surface. He “read the air”, knew there was major trouble around that corner, slowed down, confronted a maze of crashed cars, weaved his way through the carnage, and went on to set the fastest lap of the race, and to win. Over half of the field was eliminated by the Tabac pile up, but El Maestro used a multi-facet perception skill, that showed up regularly over the next 7 years, to avoid disaster and ultimately win the famed Monaco Grand Prix.
Robert Kennedy Junior, 68 years old, built a lengthy career as a lawyer prosecuting corporations and government officials for various misdemeanours, such as pollution infractions. He was a highly respected, top level, US lawyer, whose father was Robert Kennedy. RKJ observed, over the years, the phenomenon of “regulatory capture” where government agencies that were set up to regulate specific business areas, were gradually taken over by the group that they were to regulate, and then acted as a publicly funded promotional extension of the business. The fox took up residence in the chicken house security office, on salary, even!.

Due to concerns regarding his own family and his resistance to imposed vaccinations, the safety of which he questioned, he became familiar with the pharmaceutical business world and the US government agencies that supposedly kept a restraining finger on this industry. His years of observing “regulatory capture” gave him a wisdom perhaps akin to Fangio’s. In this case, Kennedy was shocked at the degree of control that big pharma had attained over the NIH (National Institutes for Health). His statement was that the pharma process was akin to “regulatory capture on steroids”.

Robert Kennedy was highly regarded by the establishment until he turned on Big Pharma. Suddenly he is cast as a mindless conspiracy crank who has blown a mental fuse. Really. Maybe he is someone who is worth listening to, in order to get a balanced view of reality. Could Kennedy’s view be reality? Eye his wikipedia coverage as well as for the Children’s Health Defence organization. Then case out Do you find you are experiencing whiplash? Is Kennedy the ogre/fool or is “$ driven truth” squirming and fighting back? Whatever failings or misconceptions Kennedy may have, he is definitely skillful at brutally slicing open reality and you need to ask and answer whether his ranting detractors are driven by reason or by damaged personal interest.

I took the time to read Kennedy’s 900 page book, “The Real Anthony Fauci”. Not many people are going to go to that much trouble, but I have leaned on many people to at least read a portion of the introduction. The body of the book hammers home the spikes referenced in the intro. My Kindle version has hundreds of references, many of which can be quickly accessed via the internet. A LOT of work went into the documentation in that book. It documents a very black world where greed and dishonesty are far larger than simple lack of common sense.

Fauci is a lightning rod on a huge integrated business system that touches the whole world. Canada is impacted almost as much as the USA.  Circumstances put Fauci at the helm of the “health” related expenditure machine of the most powerful nation on the earth, for decades. Fauci has stated that “If you criticize me you are criticizing science”. Really! Certainly if you criticize Fauci, you are criticizing thousands of associates and a huge swath of allied establishment business. No wonder the reaction to Robert Kennedy is intense. At issue is “what have Fauci and friends done” as well as “what have Fauci and friends not done”. Where did the dollars go and what is the result of the staggering historic expenditure? Kennedy’s intro provides a snapshot.  Let that "photo" sink in!

I have reproduced a portion of the Kennedy introduction. Click the button and it is easy to read. I have not included the footnote links – get the book or Kindle if you want those details. If you take the time to read the book, it will be difficult to not see the covid experience as a pandemic of greed, dishonesty, and desire for control in a world afflicted with CSCS. The problem isn’t nature. The problem is humans with faulted moral standards and the problem is deep and massive. And the problem is not going to go away soon. Honest learning and $profits are in conflict. The course of action for the individual is to “open your eyes and be ready for the next wave”. We live in a web of lies and each individual had better sharpen their perception so they can sort out Reality and Truth, as in the Real Deal vs the $Driven Deceptions. There is a need for government but for a society to run sustainably, individuals need to exercise their freedom and responsibility and when government and allied institutions stifle and veto the individual’s freedom to think, and act based on such thinking, painful social collapse is on the horizon.

Reading and thinking about the points made in Kennedy’s intro is akin to Fangio observing the eyes of the race spectators. Now let’s add another clue to the mix that provides an independent verification of the accuracy of Kennedy’s “health collapse” thoughts. Let’s be certain that there is a crash scene just around the corner. The covid crash debris may not have been cleared as we complete lap 2 or a new crash may be underway.

The CBC news article (above) is typical. A story of a tragic health issue. No comment on history or underlying cause. But almost a glorification of the suffering and disruption of a condition that shouldn’t even exist. And notice, Natasha is not alone. 6000 other Cda youths share her burden. Kick back to Kennedy and Fauci. Why have health issues such as this gone downhill rather than improving and why the strange establishment acceptance and even celebration of the results of the collapse? Why the fury at critics and cause hunters like Kennedy in the face of sad realities such as Natasha’s? Why is the establishment media seemingly on the side of failure and so quick to rail on critics of the “health” establishment?

So, a lesson for individual thinkers on “reading the air” and seeing what is around the next corner. The Big Integrated System is faulted, for the near future, without a hope of redemption. But the individual is free to reject the system and suffer rejection by the system. The personal short term result of rejecting mass folly may deliver a lot of difficulties. The long term result is of each person’s making. And ultimately, acting on basic reality is the only route that is going to pay off in the long run.  

I refused to submit to the vaccination push and the associated mind and action control pressure. I did nothing to “protect” myself other than having followed logical health rules all my life, unlike most people, AND no small issue. I am well over 70 years of age. I eventually did get covid, which much evidence indicates is a brilliant and sleazy “gain of function, designer disease”, and had a pleasant few days of rest away from the rat race. I do not have to worry about having an mRNA time bomb planted in my body as I see people of all ages suddenly drop dead – from “natural” causes. I don't worry about the steady torrent of booster promotion nor the failure of vaccines to live up to their promotional hype.  And I maintain my freedom habits of thinking and listening to a broad range of viewpoints, rather than snuggling comfortably into the woke pronouncements and walled censorship enclosures of establishment government and media.  Like Fangio, I can see the eyes of the crowd.

I look for multiple clues in life and fit them together, a lesson I learned in part from the example of Juan Fangio. Being able to “read the air” is an incredibly valuable skill to try to develop. Anyone who is minimally affected by CSCS AND was honest, was able to predict that the CSCS reaction to the covid event was going to create a hell far larger than any impact of the virus, the origin of which may well have a close link to the main panic promoters and financial beneficiaries of the mess. Fauci’s flippant washing his hands of the mess is shocking, perhaps criminal, and his many associates, for the most part, show no remorse either.  Will they or will they press onward.

One must be a bit careful at indignantly pinning blame for obvious problems on a few boogie agents. We are all afflicted or complacent to varying degrees with $driven “logic”, action, and self indulgent laziness. It is possible that those that gain leadership positions in government and business, and perhaps religion, are simply a reflection of the mass mind set of the “rest of us”. We may be getting the leadership that we deserve!

But think about Kennedy’s words and think about the slide in public health and personal freedom that he documents and look around you and react to the sad reality that you can observe, and feel, in full colour, 3D, with surround sound! And think about what is around the next corner and think about what you can do to avoid the wreckage that the “air” tells you is waiting there. And set your goal at applying wisdom and Winning the Race!

The three shots of Crohn's fund raising ads were three of at least 4 in a single recent Western Producer newspaper.  They are so typical of the view that dollars will solve the problem, after the fact. Failure to even consider basic causes, perhaps linked to the agricultural practices covered  
* = no / @ = yes
in the newspaper, seems to be the standard approach.  I post these Crohn's ads as an additions to Kennedy's comment on this specific health issue.
PS:  In stating earlier that one individual can do nothing to change the course of the Big System, I am aware, and you likely are as well, that there are members of "The Big System" who are also well aware of this obvious fact.  They can see that the Big System is heading for the rocks and their "partially logical" view is that the only solution is central control, so "everyone" pulls together for the "common good".  The concept has a type of merit - BUT who gets to sit in the driver's seat and does this entity know where they are going?  China seems to have a small version in operation already.  Democratic systems were hammered together to deal with the dictator nightmare.  It is possible that democratic systems may not be capable of dealing with a shocking level of corruption combined with the widespread system breakdowns that are occurring.  Kennedy's book certainly provides illustrations that we are living in a very corrupt world where big dollar players, who enjoy life and want a world that supports their pleasant existence, may not have much compassion for those lower on the economic scale. Yet it is this class that seem to be on the fast track towards the control panel. Panic stricken, confused, and suffering humans tend to suck up to dictator figures.  And when that happens, history and logic should tell you that there is going to be a crash just around Tabac corner.
Peter Collins was killed at the 1958 Nurburgring.  Mike Hawthorn died 6 months later in a car crash in the UK.  Fangio died in 1995 at 84 years of age.