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In 2019 we took delivery of a new laser tag system, made by the Australian firm whose products we have used since 2005.  We are selling two older laser tag systems that have given us good service and are being replaced only because of the commercial need to have the latest and best.  The older systems are perfect for many applications such as youth groups, summer camps, or even for private use at cabins or acreages.  The life span and reliability and function of these commercial systems is quite amazing and in a different world than the toy systems that are available.  This gear will give work-horse performance for years to come.
Classic Commercial Laser Tag System
We have two systems available!
The Classic System - older but great value!
We purchased most of our Classic gear in 2005 but added to it up to 2013.  The system is really simple, easy to use, and incredibly durable.  When the Satr 2 system became available, we stalled on getting it because we were so pleased with our Classics.  And right up to 2018 we have run groups with the Classic equipment when we were overloaded for the Satr system - and no one ever complained.  The Classics are great laser guns!

Range is 200 feet.  We are enthusiastic supporters of the Battlefield brand and if you do express an interest, we can give you a glowing report on how the guns have stood up and how easy they are to repair.  The guns are nowhere near the end of their lifespan.  See pricing lower on page.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the Classics is their operational simplicity and also a delay feature such that when the guns are reactivated, there is a 10 second count down to operation that allows players to seek cover before they can shoot or be hit.  The Satr 2s don't have that feature, which is a pity.

Players can figure the guns out in moments while the Satr 2s are a bit more complex and have a bit of a learning curve.

You will need to secure one or more battery chargers such as those shown on the left.  They are easy to come by and are the same as those used to charge remote control car toys.

You also need a method of attaching the head sensors.  Examples are shown.  All that is needed is a hat or headband with a front and rear velcro pad.  We will likely be able to help buyers out with several different options or advice on how to fabricate your own solution.

The adjustable bandalier shows team colour and can be used effectively under night lights.  Many people have trouble seeing colour under night lighting but they can see shape - thus the round dot that stands out due to contrast and provides a shape identification.
The Classic Laser System in action!
Scorpion with rain guard
A Classic group in 2018
Their are two models, the Scorpion and the Commando.
We have 12 Scorpions and 17 Commandos, 3 reactivators, and a Claymore mine which is really useful for the group manager to use as a "kill" tool.  Hit the button and all the guns are silenced until reactivated by the reactivator gun.

We will sell the entire system (29 guns, 3 reactivators, and the Claymore) for $1650.00 which is $50 per unit.  As a comparison, we charge $27.50/player for a 2 hr group event.  Thus, two events using all the gear can be seen as a complete payoff of the investment!
Claymore Mine
Claymore Mine
The Claymore Mine can also be used as a target to check aim and gun function.  Its main value is in the staging area to kill all guns so they can be reactivated with full lives and full ammo, ready for the next game.