Merrill     Dunes
Scraphawk Victory Plan
Does your team want the edge that will let them win the Scraphawk Hostage Rescue competition?

The Scraphawk has been fitted with two smoke bomb modules.  After the defending team has left the Safe Zone the attack team can decide if they want to use the remote activation smoke bomb feature.  The system on offer is flexible.

Take the remote transmitter to the battle scene.  Hit the fire button on position #2 and a WP40 Burst smoke bomb fills the copter with dense smoke.  Cost?  $15.00.  Then, if that doesn't put the kiss of death on the defence, hit fire button position #4 and an EG18X smoke bomb will deliver three times the volume of smoke inside the copter.  The windows will be blowing clouds and the interior will be solid fumes!

The cost of the second wave is $20.00 for a total expenditure by the attacking team of $35.00.  Was the attack a success?  Was the cost worth it?  That will be for team members to decide.  But there is no doubt that memories will have been created for both the attackers as well as the defenders!  Good times at the Dunes!
The Attack Team decides when to drop the hammer and activate the smoke bomb module that is locked down inside the copter, by using the remote transmitter.
The bomb is activated and the copter quickly fills with smoke.
The Defender who is hiding in the copter is flushed out by the thickening cloud.
An Attacker rushes into the copter during the confusion and grabs the hostage.
The second smoke bomb has been activated for good measure but it wasn't really needed as the Attacker sprints away with the hostage in tow.
In this session, the initial smoke bomb was orange and the second bomb, larger than the first, was black. The wall of black can be seen pushing the orange cloud ahead of it's thick wall.
The hostage is likely at the Safe Zone by now as the copter sits, deserted and smoking!
Here is the technology just after manufacture.
Here is an early test of the remote activation smoke bomb system, moments after detonation.
The smoke cloud expands.
The amusing video illustrates an adventure using the smoke bomb system.