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Updated at 9:00pm - November 14, 2021 - Next Airsoft event will be in March of 2022, assuming global warming fails to get it on quicker than expected!  Will there still be a Cdn economy?  Will we all be self isolating, or fitted with CO2 scrubbers, or will we be Chinese citizens?  All sorts of exciting options exist for the future, but the 2021 Airsoft events are pleasant history - that is established fact!  The Saskatoon Club is somewhat unique in having held together so effectively for so long and for having given so many people so many good times!
Clients with funds on deposit at Merrill Dunes

X - Matt Stovall - $6.50
X - Nathan Vallee - $34.00
X - Winston Dalaten - $51.50
X - Ryan Mendoza - $25.00
X - Grady Newlove - $25.00
X - Lane Rathgeber - $25.00
X - Christian Hydamaka - $25.00
X - Fernan Cagara - $25.00
X - Arthur Gutieprez - $10.00
X - Jeremy Lockhart - $5.00
X - Gabe Johnston - ????

 - - - Where a question mark shows up, it is due to us not being sure if you were at an event or not.  We strive to not charge you if you pre-pay and don't make it to the specified event but with large numbers it is really hard for staff to verify the presence or absence of every name on the pre-paid list.  Many people simply come and don't bother to stop for a wrist band - and at the end of the day, we don't know if they came or not.  It really helps if you let us know, the day of, that you aren't going to make it.  If you let us know, we will credit your pre-payment for a future event.

2020 Scorched Dunes Event