Merrill     Dunes
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Merrill Dunes did have a regular walk-on airsoft schedule in 2022 but switched to a private group reservation system in 2023.  The dynamics of the airsoft world are such that, to date, there has been zero interest in our new approach.  We do not offer airsoft gear rental so any group that books needs to consist of players with their own gear.  We are open to private airsoft bookings in exactly the same way that we handle paintball and laser groups.  Cost is slightly higher than our laser tag prices.  If anyone has an interest in booking a group, call 306-280-4100 and I may be able to help you put something together.

Clients with funds on deposit at Merrill Dunes 

X - Lane Rathgeber - $25.00
X - Christian Hydamaka - $25.00
X - Jeremy Lockhart - $5.00
X - Matt Goertzen I - $25.00
X - Jesse Levesque - $100.00
X - Justin Beauchamp - $25.00
X - Volodymyr - $17.00