Airsoft Field Memberships for 2020, due to the covid response, are not being offered as planned.
Merrill     Dunes
In 2020 there are 19 potential airsoft sessions booked plus the July 25/26 OLS5 Classic.  Times, as usual will be Sunday afternoon or evening and the schedule is posted.  The time slots will remain at 4 hrs of clear field time with the usual attempt to allow some slop on both ends of the slot so long as other groups aren't impacted.  200pm to 600pm and 600pm to 1000pm are the usual time periods with fall events moving to 100pm to 500pm.  $25.00 will be the regular event fee.  We will offer a single cut rate level of $15.00 if a player arrives after the half way point of an event.

Here is the membership deal;  A membership for the 2020 season will cost 16 x $15 so $240.00.  Credit card purchase of the membership will be $245.00  Debit or e-tranfer will be $240.00  And cash on site will be $235.00.  The Dunes will assure the membership holder of a minimum of 16 event dates and if weather allows, there likely will be more than this at no cost.  If a member can make it to 10 outings in the season, he will be slightly ahead on cost.

At each event, everyone will still need to sign up and get a wrist band but members will obviously have no payment to make.

If we put on any special airsoft events outside of the normal schedule - say a night event or an event using both fields - or a laser event for airsofters - members will get a special price but there will likely be a basic cost.

If weather prevents us from achieving the basic 16 events, the Dunes reserves the right to select makeup dates - perhaps a Sunday that adds to the set two week schedule, or a stat holiday, or a Saturday night.

OLS is not included in the membership.  It is a stand alone event with its own budget and entry fees.  Again - it is already being planned and July 25-26 is the Big Date!

If you have a membership (or mini-membership) and aren't attending a scheduled event, if you notify the Dunes at least 48 hours ahead with the name of a fill-in player, that player can play for $15.00 for the entire single session.

As each viable event occurs, the cost of a full membership will drop by $12.00 until 7 events are past.  At that point, no more memberships will be sold apart from the Mini-Memberships explained below.  There is a purchase lead time of 40 days on the Mini.  There is no advance lead time for a full membership purchase.

Memberships can be sold privately and officially transferred once during the season, be they full memberships or mini-memberships.

As a gift offering, we will sell mini memberships so long as they are purchased 40 days prior to the first specified event date.  A mini membership is simply a pass to attend public airsoft events during any specified period of time.  Say you specify 5 events starting with the first event in April.  The cost $15 x 5 = $77 for credit card - $75 for debit or E-transfer - $73 for on site cash payment.  The mini membership can be tailored to any configuration be it two events ($30.00) or ten events ($150.00).  The chosen membership period might be only during the summer months.  The restriction is that the membership covers a specified time period so the membership holder is obligated to attend the events that are put on.  It isn't a case of picking and choosing certain dates for attendance with gaps in between.  But for anyone with a degree of commitment, the mini membership eats off $10 per outing!  The 40 day lead time assures planning and commitment on the part of the player and income stability for the Dunes.

Another positive impact that a membership may have, is that a membership holder may feel better about attending for a short portion of an event.  They have already paid the Dunes to be there.  Why not get a bit of a taste of action in that there is no pressure to worry about some type of partial fee for a half hour of play.  They have taken control of their life and can run it as they see fit!