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Everyone is bombarded with Covid this and Covid that and opinions by the thousands.  If you wish to wallow in the topic (and it is an important, lesson laden topic so long as you 'thinkingly' wallow in it), there are several troubling hot buttons lower on this page.  If you simply want to LIVE and heal and opt out of the self amplifying madness, the Merrill Dunes website is here to present you with numerous pleasant, outdoor activities that are well priced and allow the easy booking of small, private adventures where only those you invite are present - in a huge, healthful, and generally wonderful outdoor setting. There is lots of space and 'foresty' fresh air, and sunlight. We don't dictate that you inhibit your vital breathing process nor do we force air recycling measures on your body via crude, compulsory mouth and nose filters. Running, shouts, and laughter are encouraged! Relaxed communication and joking are regarded as normal! We strongly feel that we offer a significant boost to your immune system!
It is worth noting that the links shown are not fringe source expressions.  They are links to establishment material that most people overlook or ignore the implications of. In panic situations, the obvious is usually lost in the clamour.
The BBC/June 6 screen shot on the left illustrates the inevitable rise of problems associated with the panic lockdown mentality that has swept the world. In comparison, if covid deaths reach 500,000, which is quite possible, it is significant that that figure would still need to be 6 times higher to equal the % hit from the forgotten novel Asian virus of 1957/58. The article above, also from BBC/June 6 had the heading "Far-right Rome protest turns briefly violent", but the main content was a quote from a "protester" who may well mirror thoughts that are occurring all over the world. 38,000 Italians have died despite the drastic lockdown but is that highly dramatized figure over dramatized. How many regular flu and suicide and car crash and cancer deaths occurred during the same time period and how many deaths in the covid figure were 'covid related'. Italy locked down. Sweden didn't. Look at their relative death rates. Did the economic suicide moves do any good at all?  Are there underlying health factors that explain wild variations in death rates in different countries and life style areas besides transmission rate?
There is more to stable health than diet alone, and time and chance happens, but simple cause and effect is Huge by comparison. The pictured article is not kind to high sugar nor processed 'edibles'. We do not live in a roulette wheel system of chaos.  Those who appreciate that fact can sure avoid a lot of surprise shit-kickings!
Above: BBC article screen shot.
On June 9, in BBC's coverage of the latest 'news', the headline, photo, and brief article summary shown to the left appeared.  The click button above will take you to the article that is being referred to.

Anyone casually seeing this information is going to have the covid horror concept further embedded in their mind as well as being influenced to feel that the authorities are doing a great job of protecting the masses with their lockdown edicts.  And they will have the panic mentality further advanced by the dire prediction, that despite the brilliant performance of our guardians to this point, the real nightmare still lies ahead.  Note - "this is only the beginning of the pandemic".
Note, in the article screen shot, that the same group that triggered the UK lockdown issued the "study".  On my GoodSpaces covid blog, I reference an article telling about the key player who triggered the last Foot and Mouth Disease slaughter in the UK and how he also triggered the UK lockdown.

Note how they indicate that Sweden was included in the study but there is no explanation for the obvious clash between the death rate in the UK being higher than in Sweden.  Sweden didn't lock down - UK did lock down.  Minor point that seems to have slipped through a crack.

At the time of the study, likely seasonal flue was still outstripping covid.  Also no explanation of the valuable "cruise ship" studies that were available and which make a mockery of the wild study speculations.  Again, see my GoodSpaces coverage of the public knowledge of the cruise ship "mini-country" revelations.
Notice the admission that spinoff effects were not taken into account. Yet the blather from these "narrow focus" people gets credible "news" coverage.  The term "HUGE death rate" is tossed out in the study.  Really!  What will rate as the biggest "HUGE"? - covid or response side effect deaths?
Are the statements on the left true?  Are they responsible?  Are they supported by real life evidence such as points mentioned above?

Are the men quoted using their "Dr" label as a badge that allows them to talk like children and be treated like adults?

How difficult is it for local politicians and officials to stand up to the worldwide wave of covid cheerleading?  Difficult it seems. The herd is in stampede mode. But surely there are some leaders, besides those in Sweden, who have eyes and minds and backbone!
When you make a decision there are always effects and good decision makers have foresight - bad decision makers go for poorly thought out, knee-jerk moves.  You do not want incompetent leaders in control of your life and wallet.

The covid reaction story is a case study in knee-jerk moves.  It is a bit like the childhood story of the old woman who swallowed the fly, and the bird, and the cat, etc.  One blundered decision necessitates another decision - hopefully better - but there is a strong chance that a mind that blunders once will blunder again!

The knee-jerk CERBs were necessitated by the knee-jerk lockdown, and the list of wild side effects of the lockdown mentality go on and on.

The screen shots to the left were taken from the CBC article about the impact of the 'simple to get instantly' CERBs. Notice in the article how a key social worker begged the government to modify its actions but was ignored.
After months of headlines that infer that anyone who is touched by the coronavirus is at direct risk of a painful death, the article that deals with a common drug that appears to impact the disease in a positive way, has a side point that seems to mesh with observed reality. Points in the article tend to make one ask "Are we talking about the disease that has turned the world on its head?"  And what about all those asymptomatics that are believed to be walking around and why is there so little stress put on 'covid related deaths' vs deaths that are totally covid caused?  And as commented on earlier, why is there such a wild variance in covid impact between population groups if the virus is THE problem vs underlying weaknesses?  I think there is good reason to question whether social distancing has done any long term good with regard to the virus and direct health issues, but it sure has done a number on just about ever other aspect of society, MANY of which are linked to the long term health of the members of society. 
BBC has been a huge member of the worldwide covid cheerleading association but as the novelty of the "new" disease grows stale, the news machine grinds on to other attention grabbers.  Topics that would have been heresy two months ago now pop up with increasing frequency.

This June 17, 2020, Future article illustrates the interconnected complexity and amazing stability of the huge machine we live in and are a part of. I do not see how anyone can look at the points noted and not have a glimmer of suspicion that they have been a victim of a panic attack.

Hit the link button and if you are not aware that Life is not a one trick pony, you will find the article an eye opener - and a slug of information that may make you a bit more thoughtful the next time you are slammed by a herd driven mental tsunami!
Worldwide it has been noted that there have been excess deaths during the covid-response period that cannot be explained by covid.  Further, in many cases there have been fewer deaths than expected in the period after the covid peak. You would think that these facts would make the 'kill the virus / lock down society' advocates do a bit of rethinking.  Yet the drum beat of 'second wave / future pandemics / new normal' keeps pounding out of the media loud speakers.  The following news clips indicate that some thought on the covid topic is occurring. CBC allowed an article giving coverage to a group of experts who appear to have the nerve to state the obvious and despite the Federal minority government having shocked most people with their 342 billion deficit and 1.2 trillion debt load, it seems they still have their fingers tightly on the 'dump buttons' of the public purse. The frightening numbers have attracted some attention but does anyone fully appreciate the size of this spending spree?
Shades of Jair Bolsonaro; Dr. Neil Rau from the University of Toronto states "I actually think Quebec may be the best. Despite having high disease rates, they still moved ahead with a lot of the relaxing of restrictions.  I think that takes a lot of guts."

The world seems to be in a 'major in the minor' thinking mode at the moment with simplistic, knee jerk reactions to complex issues seemingly the accepted way of acting.

When it gets to the point where the masses start to view 'thinking people' as ogres, there is reason to worry.

It is refreshing to see gaps in the clouds with a bit of sunlight peaking through!
How shocked are Canadians when they find the deficit has leaped 50 or 100 billion over a few weeks with the prospect of no end in sight?  Maybe they are numb from all the grandstanding and theatrics of the last few months.

Does the average person connect these wild figures to something called 'covid' or do they connect the economic hurricane to something called 'covid-response'?

When public servants brutalize a nation's treasury, will they be asked to repay the damage out of their own pockets?  Is their sizeable pension at risk?

Which would you rather face up to; covid 19 or the Second World War? Seems to be an unusual distortion in front of our eyes!
What would Holmes think of the covid-response?
The BBC article was posted around October 7.  Sort of a shocking article in that it is not in line with the standard "covid, covid, ra-ra-ra" style that is world wide.  Notice how the article ends off with the socially cool jabs at the heretics who would dare to question the standard covid line. I find some pleasure in how the article basically says the same thing that my personal rant, starting at the beginning of the covid era, has said. The problem isn't the disease, it is the reaction to the disease that is the serious pathology.  And yet, the covid drum beat goes on and on.