Merrill     Dunes
Everyone is bombarded with Covid this and Covid that and opinions by the thousands.  If you wish to wallow in the topic (and it is an important, lesson laden topic so long as you 'thinkingly' wallow in it), there are eleven troubling hot buttons lower on this page.  If you simply want to LIVE and heal and opt out of the self amplifying madness, the Merrill Dunes website is here to present you with numerous pleasant, outdoor activities that are well priced and allow the easy booking of small, private adventures where only those you invite are present - in a huge, healthful, and generally wonderful outdoor setting. There is lots of space and 'foresty' fresh air, and sunlight. We don't dictate that you inhibit your vital breathing process nor do we force air recycling measures on your body via crude, compulsory mouth and nose filters. Running, shouts, and laughter are encouraged! Relaxed communication and joking are regarded as normal! We strongly feel that we offer a significant boost to your immune system!
It is worth noting that the links shown are not fringe source expressions.  They are links to establishment material that most people overlook or ignore the implications of. In panic situations, the obvious is usually lost in the clamour.