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Let's think about a recent establishment news item.  You can see the actual online article by clicking the button.  In the first screen shot, does it strike you as odd that there seems to be an apologizing tone with regard to the less than amazing performance of vaccines, while at the same time a subtle slamming of the 'unvaccinated' who are supposedly holding back the charge towards ultimate victory?

Do you detect that the underlying thinking rests on the 'we must exterminate this new villain' theory rather than the thinking that 'we have been screwing up on various fronts and as a result, this housecleaning agent is on the roll and doing its job'?
The second screen capture from the same article makes reference to the '4th Wave' and 'enforced vaccination'.  The 'unvaccinated' are put on notice that they are the ones who will overload the medical system.  A sales pitch for the advantages of vaccination is included. The virus is referred to as if it has an ingenious mind of its own and by roulette wheel tactics can skillfully figure out how to get around complex natural human immunity as well as vaccine designers' brilliance.

There is no hint that the virus and its capacity to adapt to the road blocks it encounters could be due to a complex and brilliantly designed system at work.  There is no concern expressed that screwing with a system as complex as human immunity and related life systems might have side effects, potentially long term and potentially quite horrifying.
Despite the obvious admission that vaccinations are far from bullet proof and obviously can't deliver the knock out punch to the virus, somehow it is presented as logical that the minority of unvaccinated people are a major gap in the 'extermination' process.  Talking like a fool does not advance trust in your message!

Rather than blinding yourself to the obvious and blaming a scape goat, why not simply plug the advantage of getting the vaccine so you, at least in the short term, will not be impacted by the inevitable virus?

But let's look at the next screen capture.
Analogies are great tools for clarifying technical matters but the analogy needs to be accurate.  Raywat should have added some vital detail to his analogy.  Let's make the seatbelts biodegradable, such that they have a limited life span and need to be replaced regularly - let's call that a 'booster' belt upgrade! And let's also make the analogy a bit closer to the far more complex human life system reality and factor in the likelihood that the human body may have an allergic reaction to the material in the belt as well as a negative reaction to the abdominal pressure of prolonged belt used.  Seat belt logic is simple.  Human life system complexities are not simple.  Auto designers can handle the the relatively simple world they are asked to function in.  Vaccine designers are like little children trying to repair or modify a high tech camera or other complex machine. And their industry and its battery of knowledge rests on the theory that complex and interconnected life systems, somehow, can come about by chance.  At least automotive industry designers are in touch with the history and realities of their field of endeavour!

The 'Expert' title is tossed around in media releases with great freedom.  Why didn't the reporter quote someone who illustrated a bit deeper insight into analogies?  Every expression has spin.  If you can't detect 'spin' in this CBC presentation, you have a very unquestioning mind!
I was shocked to see the recent BBC article on the left. Note that the screen capture features the term 'heresy' in reference to the article itself.  I was encouraged to see a tiny bit of common sense and somewhat accurate observation being reported on!

My hair probably stood up like the guy in the photo, when I saw the article.  After so much BBC and CBC vaccine 'ra-ra-rah', wow - what is this!

Notice, when you click on the link to the article, that the title has been changed to be a bit more in line with the official party line.  Does spin exist?  Where is the line between false news and twisted news or manipulated news?  Did someone get chewed out for the original article?  BBC constantly brags up 'news you can trust'.
British Columbian doctors, including Dr. Charles Hoffe, came under fire in May of 2021.  To get a view of the situation, read the CBC article as well as the Kamloops article.  Here we have one point of view.  And it is the point of view that the vast majority of Canadians are bombarded with daily, and exclusively!   

When Galileo was shut down for claiming that the sun didn't rotate around the earth he is said to have stated "I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with senses, reason, and intellect, has intended us to forgo their use".  Today, thinking people could look at government and media and express a similar thought.  History has had many moments where the establishment told the masses what to think and a few, with their eyes open, found the party line a bit over the top!
The hit buttons above and to the left take you to a written and a verbal coverage of Dr. Hoffe's experiences.  Note that he has been in service in Lytton for 28 years. (Lytton, of course, was incinerated in more recent times) Sounds like he came from the UK. Two issues are at hand.  First, are his views something that should be taken seriously? And secondly, what does it say about government and health authorities and media when it is considered how he has been treated?  Who is the ogre?  What is 'false news'?  Who gets to decide?

When I size up the two sides to the story and especially when I actually listen to Dr. Hoffe, I do not think he is the mindless heretic that he is pictured to be by the establishment powers. On the ground, long term, involved experience develops a personality and expressive capacity that carries credibility.  This man is not a boot licking politician out to control or prosper.

I wonder if the Cdn Prime Minister, as he dictates vaccination of everyone, has taken the time to listen to Dr. Hoffe's horror story and potential window on the future?  Will the PM take responsibility for the long term results of his decisions?
New Zealand government and public health policy has been lauded for 'solving' the covid problem.  The beautiful, isolated nation is a type of dreamland in the minds of many but common sense may be lacking on the part of some folks who are in control. How does hiding from a huge reality rate as a solution?  What a shocking example of shooting yourself in the head to solve a headache!

Tourism and Lord of the Rings are or were, NZ winners. As the inevitable delta upgrade cuts into operation, the covid tide may well flood in on a lot of unemployed folk.
Middle Earth may lose some of its glitter due to a near sighted and faulted covid response.
What follows is a simple process that will let anyone with reasonable math skill and reasonable logic, evaluate the magnitude of the covid issue vs the 'covid response'. Is there a clash?  Is there media and government and health sector 'spin' occurring?
Note the world population as of August 28, 2021.
Note the world average lifespan as of August 28, 2021.
Note the start date for the covid excitement.
Note the death stats for deaths where covid was claimed to be somehow related to the deaths.
There are about 4 months to go to get to two years of covid activity.  Let's adjust the deaths, assuming the death rate is maintained till the end of 2021 - I get about 5.5 million deaths.
If 'Lives' are of critical concern, it seems, at the present kill rate to date, there will be 42 million non starter 'abortions' by year end.  If that figure was factored into average life span for the world for a year, 72.6 yrs would drop to 72.216 yrs.
How many news items have you seen that are similar to the sad and recent story on the left?  Deaths happen all the time and the huge majority occur to the elderly and those with health issues other than the covid virus.  The number of covid deaths of young and truly healthy people is shockingly low, especially vs the publicity given to the relatively few cases such as we see illustrated.  

Young children dying with covid in Brazil get major attention but the level of simple hunger in those cases is glossed over.  The devastating impact of the covid response on the economy and exploding gross poverty is ignored as a causal factor and Jair Bolsonaro is beaten up, setting a 'shut up and play the game' example for any leader who looks around and marvels at the insanity and collapse of common sense.

When you see a national political leader making a snap grab for exclusive power via exploiting a situation (with major help from lots of public funds that he is practiced at dishing out) where wild excitement has been spun and the unvaccinated are vilified all because 5.5 people have died against a backdrop of 211.5 other people dying during the same period, you have got to smell a rat.

I am so thankful to live in Saskatchewan where it would seem the ruling politicians may have enough sense to quietly act in a slightly sane manner without a lot of fanfare.  The wide open summer of 2021 has been a dream vs the summer of 2020 where you had to act like an impractical idiot or risk someone blowing a whistle on you and finding yourself nailed with a huge fine. Shades of a third world dictatorship, a gestapo, and informers. And since when is a 5.5/211.5 ratio support for such a destructive panic?  And my feelings are shared by A LOT of people who, like sane political types, keep their mouths shut due to the hype that still belches out of the media and other jurisdictions.

May sanity somehow triumph and Canada not be saddled with a 'democratically elected' tyrant who has shown his true colours time and again prior to his latest outrage.
Do the math.  It seems hard to believe that many health or government or media folk have done the math!  I seem to get a figure of over 217 million people in a two year period who die simply to maintain the average life span.  Covid deaths don't have much impact because the vast majority are older or in trouble prior to being hit with the covid issue.
Note the thinking behind this September 1. 2021 article;  The 'new' virus is THE PROBLEM!  We must exterminate the virus! Underlying factors??  Duh!  What do you mean, 'underlying factors'?

The tree climbing monkey, heading steadily upwards towards the moon, puts the 'strangle hold on the Covid 19 virus'.

Indeed.  What happened?  Is it time to 'think' or is it time for a creative 'song and dance' routine interlude prior to pushing on with more of the same 'solution'?
Note some news formula issues in this screen shot from the article being discussed; shock at the resurgence of covid is expressed and big numbers of infections are raved about. Serious outcomes are also focused on.  The impression that the sky is falling in is certainly implied.  But this reporting style is everywhere you look.  The only feature missing here is a daily death report!

You never see any concern expressed about widespread health practices that might allow the virus to overcome individuals' natural immunity capacity and you never see the covid impact placed against the backdrop of daily deaths that occur constantly due to people only living for X number of years.

716 people are hospitalized and in serious condition where covid appears to be a factor.  Are they old?  Are they already ailing?  How much longer would they live if covid was not involved?  Will their deaths impact the average life span? Israel has almost 9 million citizens and over 300 die daily in order to maintain an 80 year life span.  How many are currently being treated for cancer?  Is covid getting excess press coverage vs other disease issues?
Note again, no mention of underlying issues or health related moves that should have been attended to or should be instituted.  No admission that vaccinations may not be the solution in the long run.

Jab 1 and 2 were raved about as being a saviour.  Now jab 3 gets the spotlight. When will jab 4 and jab 5 attain hero status?
Here we see rationalization of the bad news; 'Don't worry or question.  Just press on with the same approach that seems to have sprung some unexpected leaks!  The boat is secure.  The bilge pumps can handle the load.'
Here we have a little poke at the 'unvaccinated'.  They are clumped in with the new problematic Delta along with a note that 'the resurgence shouldn't be a surprise.'  The initial world vaccination leader is now the leader in pushing booster shots.

The theme that has rung for almost two years is repeated. 'We must prevent the healthcare system from being overwhelmed'.
The 'coronavirus czar' admits that the war is bigger than one battle BUT we must still keep doing what we have been doing and push to get everyone vaccinated. 60% of serious cases currently are double vaccinated - BUT - relax everyone - most were over 60 or with underlying health conditions!  The Plan is alive and well and everything is thumbs up!
In a world that sees itself as being SO scientific, can intelligent men blind themselves to the obvious?  
As plugged earlier, analogies are everywhere and the covid, Afghanistan, and CO2 gong shows have much in common.  Albert Einstein's statement about his belief that two things are infinite - the universe and human stupidity, and he isn't certain about the former - gains credibility from the displays that are in front of us.

The reprint article from a small Saskatchewan newspaper illustrates the obvious failing in almost all of the 'anti-CO2' initiatives.  As usual, there seems to be a problem but the response, generally funded by public money dispensed by bureaucratic officials, simply accentuates the problem while dripping with do-gooder camouflage.  Complex underlying issues are ignored.  Where does all that electrical power come from for all those electric vehicles? What is the impact of building and maintaining all those windmills vs the power that they give back?  How long do they last?  Do solar cells and batteries pop out of nowhere with no production impact?  Can dreamer political types hamstring a nation so badly that it becomes easy prey for uninhibited aggressor nations that solve problems in a very down to earth manner via military might and the extermination of enemy populations?
The Joseph Mercola website is a hotty.  No wonder the current US government is down on him.  If you want to get an 'establishment kicking experience', that is a good place to go!  Should he be banned and censored?  Maybe the individual, rather than a bureaucrat should get to eye the product and label it for what it is worth!!  If Mercola got to censor CBC and BBC, would he feel that they were 'agents of false news?'
In the 1975 movie, 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest', Mildred Ratched is the goody-good tyrant of the mental hospital ward where Randall McMurphy gets placed.

As I watch the current political show leading up to the snap election, I keep having flash backs to the movie.

In our politically correct and sterilized official world, Nurse Ratched personalities are everywhere and seem locked into the stereotype.

Violence and hatred and obscene talk and racial and sexual slurs are taboo and supposedly are on their way to extinction in a marvellous society of open minded wisdom and civility.

If you hit someone on the toe with a sledge hammer or stick him in the back with a knife, the official expectation is that the victim will smile and keep his mouth shut.

In Louise's movie experience, the current version would be for the crowd to stand up and scream for the execution of Randall McMurphy!

By fluke, this old screen shot includes a small current photo akin to a mild McMurphy outburst!
Not everyone is a stoic and a refined diplomat. When most people are hit on the toe with a sledge hammer, or stuck in the back with a knife, they yell.

When the level of a noxious gas builds to a certain level, the canaries start to sing and even die.

The Nurse Ratched personality is adept at glossing over these outbursts by the 'mentally unstable' and simply pushes on with the establishment agenda.

Noble expressions are uttered and the negativism of the uncultured is dismissed - the uncouth failings of these peasants are pointed out as reason for ignoring their foolish agitations and barbaric gestures.

Surely a thumb up trumps the 'finger'!
Anger and contempt and anti-vaxxers and anti-lockdown activists, especially if they are 'organized' are public enemies (also tax payers).  Spending a billion dollars of public money in order to crush these infidels is noble. Oops - did someone just get a toe crushed or a sharp back pain?
Such 'unprovoked outbursts', be it throwing gravel or pumpkin seeds, are simply not 'Canadian' and all the major political leaders condemn this shocking and unwarranted display which is totally disconnected from any actions on the part of the political types.
The news approach is that such disgusting conduct is not reserved for policy leaders but has also been used against grassroots servants who are simply trying to help society including the ogres who are acting up.  No need to flinch when your are part of the 'good guy' group!
Rather than listening to the concerns that are driving many people wild, the approach is to lay on the scare tactics and to pump the noble 'high road'.  It is a given, it seems, that the mRNA vaccine is all good and without flaws and that the covid issue is truly HUGE and will bring society to its knees if not dynamically addressed.

It appears that the snap bid for power is linked to tossing all the cards onto the covid panic gaming table and then harping on the electorate to cooperate for a win.
Ivison is not convinced that all the resistance is due to conspiracy theory whackos.  He dares to suggest that national leadership is a large part of the problem.  Failure to listen to legitimate concerns may be linked to a fevered lust for immediate and total power.
Robert Malone had a significant role in advancing mRNA technology but anyone taking the time to listen to him will be uneasy that the mad political push for compulsory vaccination as a looming nightmare.

If we were to play the covid story in a movie theatre today, a Randall MCMurphy outburst vs Nurse Ratchet would likely bring a large percentage of the crowd to their feet with cheers, with the exception of most mainline political leaders.  The conspiracy whackos would not stand alone!

If the covid story, slightly amended with time, is played in future, the current political leaders may no longer be around.  Hopefully the unpredictable impact of the mass vaccination experiment won't mean that they will have attained criminal status.
A lot of effort has gone into the mRNA project and a LOT of dollars and speculation is involved.  If you read the tale, many are going to wonder, as they get the touted jab, if they have just been launched on a trip to Mars. A lot of trust in the brilliance of the human brain and in the honesty of business and political personalities is involved in signing up.  And you can't cancel your ticket once you buy it.

As Charles Kettering wisely said, "If we had to run ourselves on what we KNOW, we couldn't do it."  Good Luck folks!
80 years ago, Al Howard predicted that medical costs would eventually sink society because of dollar driven, short term thinking that he saw occurring when he was still alive.

Our current mess and widespread failure to review the past accents his level of wisdom and foresight.  The current solution is not oriented to reflection - it is a rush to push on with an amplification of a failed approach.

Sir Albert had marvellous agricultural understanding but he may not have appreciated how the basic thought glitch that was involved in that field also affected everything else that the human masses were up to.  Business in general, economics, education, religion; we are all in the flow.

But in simple terms, if Al were to see the budgets of the current world and the GNP that is generated by health related jobs, he would surely be temped to drop the 'I told you so' line!
Prior to the September 20 election, it is worth thinking about what society will be like if Canada is run by a man who pulls a snap election when polls indicate he is a covid hero, with the claim of needing total power in order to solve the health crisis that is dropping Canadians like flies, at least in the media world!  The situation is so simple that even a child should be able to see the 'logical' way to get things done, seems to be his reasoning.
Public Health seems to feel John's situation will be solved simply by getting his second shot.  Poor John seems to be challenged when it comes to understanding this obvious solution!

How many of us seem to have the same failings in intelligence that Public Health seems to attribute to John?

Why does John fear a backlash?  At least CBC allowed this story to be aired!
If you have taken time to think about the material I have assembled as the covid reaction has dumped on the world, you might remember, or you may realize fully without having looked at any of my parallel thoughts, that there is thinking around that the life system we swim around in, is extremely complex and multi-faceted. Vaccine designers are great at being 'one trick pony' types but they are little children playing with a machine that dwarfs their capacities.

There was lots of hoopla when the first covid vaccines, at great effort and cost, were rolled out.  The power of the Big Machine was upstaged for a short time but the variant system was already waiting in the wings, ready to cut into action.  Short term results were headlined.  Critics were silenced. And little second thinking seems to be attached to minds that push on despite troubling glitches in the utopian initial plan.
Who would have guessed that travel restrictions and social distancing and masks would put infants into medical difficulty?  

If you are wrong on basic disease theory, you are as good as flying blind. Read this whole article and think about the implications. 

Think a bit about Sir Albert Howard's views (see above and via several links I have provided) and look at his simple experiences with his cattle.  Research Louis Pasteur and think about whether he may have felt that he had stumbled on a money maker that had echoes of the profit associated with the practice of that age of selling indulgences.  Was Louis a nice guy who earned his current image of glory?

Look at material on the unforeseen long term difficulties that measle vaccinations have triggered. Comparable to the RSV surprise.  Truly, the road to hell is paved with good intentions!  

Look at the number of deaths that occur daily, in all ages and from all causes, just to keep the average human age between 70 and 80 years.  Then look at covid connected deaths and ask yourself if the number disparity tells you that there has been a medical/media panic and spin-fest.

Look at early cruise ship examples and ask whether the death rate in those sample closed societies warranted the immediate 'media/WHO/government' horror that was generated.

Look at the social and economic destruction that has been caused by panic reaction measures such as lockdowns, the impact of social distancing and masks on normal human interaction, and the social tensions unleashed by vaccine mandates. Now, if long term health impacts of injections of a radical substance into millions of bodies develop, we have a perfect storm. Assault on the mind, the body, and the society!  Anyone ready to take responsibility?

I make the claim that those who lock onto faulted theory also seem to become blind to indicators that the theory is wrong.  Look at the results so far that the covid response has generated, plus the drum beat to keep marching on, and ask yourself, 'Is it possible that this view has unfolded under my eyes and is still unfolding?'

I have heard people rant about the adult 'unvaccinated' putting unvaccinated 12 year olds at risk.  Perhaps it would be wise to reserve judgement while the wheel is still in spin.  Seems that there is clear evidence that many infants have been shafted by 'do-gooder' intentions.  Vaccines appear to have one type of performance in the short run.  But life for most is longer than a few months or a few years.
Every so often and more recently, 'more often', a story will show up on a mainline media outlet that sounds like something from Joseph Mercola's anti-vax website!

I am amused, but not surprised, that the report that the story is based on, was 'quietly' released by Public Health.  The article closes by pointing out that the risk of such issues is also associated with getting the disease - so no need to worry - push on!  

These few cases are no indication of the type of difficulties that worry people like Dr. Charles Hoffe (see link earlier on page).  The experience of John from Ottawa and the Toronto cases give Hoffe some support for his fears of serious long term implications.  

Are those opposed to mandatory vaccinations self serving or do they have a social conscience such that they feel they shouldn't encourage and add to a blind rush into the sea on the part of the total lemming herd?  Will they eventually be seen as 'hero of wise restraint'?
The State of Israel was in the lead at vaccinating its population and was a poster boy example raved about in the media.  There was no talk about the level of glitching now evident when the marketing push for vaccination was in its early stages.

I hold the view that this situation was predictable and I hold the view that the failure will get increasingly obvious as time unfolds.  Louis Pasteur was a master at short term selling and his legacy rolls on over the decades.  Researchers are brilliant men in many cases and many are driven by idealism and many are driven by dollars, but the underlying issue is that they are working within a system that dwarfs their capabilities and presents the hazard of fostering egos that know enough to impress others and have the capacity to be really dangerous!
I love the Gordon Lightfoot song 'House You Live In'. It illustrates so well the complexities of life and how each person has to work out the details while on his own road of life. We all live in a social setting but we all have a private road to navigate.  No one can take away our personal responsibility and we had better realize that that is the bottom line.

One line in that great song is 'And he who is wise will not criticize when other men fail at the game'.

One has to be careful about harping on everything they see as being wrong. I was thinking about the pressure on political leaders and thinking what I would do if I was in their shoes.

I was impressed by the Saskatchewan political stance of late.  I was saddened to see the weak flip-flop going on in Alberta.  So I cranked out a political speech and as I was doing so, Saskatchewan also folded to the covid plough wind.  What does the future hold?  What will Canada look like after September 20?

Hopefully my words and thoughts will ring true with some and encourage common sense and integrity and let others know that there is resistance to the folly that seems to be unfolding around us.  Criticism had better be geared to discussion and improvement.
As I watch conservative Alberta flip-flop on its covid policies I hold my breath and admire the Saskatchewan government (as of morning of Sept. 16) for resisting the hurricane of medical/media pressure to ignore its broad governance mandate and cater to a very specialized focal point. If I was in a position of power and associated social responsibility, what would I say and what would I do? Thankfully, my minority views have protected me from that battle zone fate, as well as from covid infection worries! But I do puzzle over how embattled elected officials fail to pull out their ‘common sense’ guns which could really blast holes in the woke scripts that are being played and replayed and copied and forwarded and replayed. Even woke coins have two sides. Chasing the tail and ignoring the head is insanity!

If you found yourself as a new captain on an old ocean liner, a ship that predates all its passengers as well as you the captain (our society), and the ship suddenly starts sinking at sea and there are only enough life boats for half the occupants of the huge ship; what would you do and what would you say to those you are responsible for? The point I am striking at is that leadership decisions have to be made and the goal is to exercise a degree of wisdom in a very difficult situation that you find yourself in.

“Look folks, we have a problem.  People are going to die.  None of us have a perfect solution for this current reality. The best we can hope for is that as a society we will learn from this tragic incident and then plan ahead to prevent a reoccurrence.  ***  Now that I have dealt with that issue, how do we deal with the immediate? Who gets to go in the life boats? Do we draw lots? Do we sell spots? Do those who have individual or group strength or knives or guns, use force? Do we have a riot and a rush and everyone can hope for the best for their personal interests? Given that I am not a dictator with armed police or troops to put my decisions into effect, I need to rely on my fragile reputation as leader as well as my ability to influence your minds to follow a fair and logical course. Hopefully we can avoid repeating past blunders where wild scrambles destroyed life boats and where organizational chaos meant many life boats departed half empty. We don’t have unlimited time to decide and act. The ship is sinking fairly quickly.”

“Here is my decision; – (so at this point, reader, ask yourself – what would I do?) I will toss a great deal of responsibility onto you, the passengers. I would like those of you who feel that old age or health issues limit your future life duration to voluntarily group yourselves as non contenders for lifeboat spots. Once we see how many escape seats are still needed, we will have contenders file towards the departure points and explain their situation to my officiating crew members who I have selected. I will be staying behind as will all those who have been chosen to make seating decisions. They have volunteered to accept this position. I appreciate your cooperation and salute those who are acting selflessly for the maximum good of our little society in this difficult time. I trust that many of you see the human experience and personal reputation as being much greater than our short stint in this life. As we confront both life and death, our maturity and courage is being tested.”

Rolling my fictitious example to the ‘Now’, two major modifications are required. One is associated with the unusual excitement that the ship is sinking when there is reason to think that there isn’t a serious hull failure other than normal leakage which the bilge pumps are dealing with as has always been the case. And secondly, given the hoopla surrounding the supposed current crisis, supposed concern for the sick and elderly is at fever pitch to a degree that the majority and their interests are blanked out. Harried Captain Example, to keep the mob off his back, would get the life boats on their way a soon as possible loaded with the sick and elderly!

If I were addressing the People of Alberta, or Canada, here would be my pitch. (And as I write, I am informed that Saskatchewan politicians seem to be collapsing under the blast.)

“I am the elected head of this jurisdiction and as such I have a responsibility to act for the good of the total population in the immediate, the near future, and the more distant future. Being a leader in our current society is not easy due to the number of conflicting viewpoints and interest groups and the immediate expectations of just about everyone.

We would all like life to be stable and controlled to our individual liking but life is not necessarily like that. Past history impacts us greatly, for better and for worse, but history is past and we need to appreciate its positive contributions as well as its legacies of error. But striving for understanding is vital and wise decisions that will rectify past errors and prevent further mistakes are so important. Leaping to decisions impacting the future is not wise either. Planning is wise but experience should tell us the accuracy of a Calvin Coolidge line, that when you see ten troubles coming down the road towards you, relax and act calmly, knowing that 8 or 9 of them are sure to go in the ditch before they reach you.

For complex reasons, the covid situation has created an unusual flash point. New viral challenges are not new. When they sweep across the world, a certain number of people die as a result. Those who are old or have compromised health, as well as the poor, are by far the most endangered members of the populace. If the average age for human life is 80 years, in a population of a million people, 34.25 people die each day simply to maintain that accepted level. Deaths occur as infants, youths, elderly and for any reason be it accidents or disease or suicide. All deaths factor into that 34.25/day average. When covid deaths, which are wildly clumped in the elderly and health compromised segments of the population as an associated condition, are tallied, the number is dwarfed by the total number of deaths that are occurring simply due to that ‘34.25 lives per day’ reality rate. Average life span is not impacted greatly by covid due to the young and healthy not being significantly affected. Note the ‘significantly’ point and keep in mind that those in the 34.25 come from all ages but are mainly in the upper years level.

An unusual feature of the covid virus is its capacity to spread so easily through the entire population, akin to the common cold, yet only affect a ‘relative few’ in a serious manner. That fact combined with testing and excitement over the resulting numbers makes great panic drama. This ‘the enemy is everywhere in huge numbers’ concept combined with the mindset that the way to deal with virus waves is to wipe the virus out rather than to strive for a population health level that provides natural immunity, creates a perfect storm. A rider concept is the belief that human designed vaccination tactics can quickly take the place of natural immunity. The size of the ‘relative few’ group and associate overloads is arguably impacted greatly by historic public health failure and we should learn from this experience while accepting and struggling with the current and temporary reality. As an elected politician, responsible for ALL facets of the population I am responsible for, I look at the popular theoretic approach, with its associated actions, and I see major problems and I have major doubts!

I see a wild level of medical industry and staff and dollar driven media excitement. I see a massive and growing pipeline of funding that feeds the medical world from public coffers. I see a proposed battle plan against an enemy that is associated with the deaths of a tiny percentage of the deaths that are occurring and that have occurred forever. I see steaming medical and media support for an extermination project that is clearly hopeless. I see associate demands for the gutting of the majority of the social facets that I am responsible for, in order to fulfill the wishes of those focused on the covid viral facet. I see grand marketing claims for the effectiveness of radical vaccines. I see minimal concern over the potential long term impact of these experimental vaccines on future health issues of huge numbers of those for whom I am responsible. I see the performance failure of other governments as their actions throw the world into chaos and their vaccination offensives fail to deliver the promised results, witness the posterboy state of Israel. I see politicians leaping on the perceived crisis and fanning the issue in order to achieve greater political control or to gain short term social favor. I see HUGE expenditures of public funds associated with this single facet focus. I see HUGE expenditure of public funds to support political ambitions which are closely linked to this single facet issue.

I find myself as captain of a troubled ship. I have a responsibility to all life facets of the ship’s passengers. I have their present and their future and the future of their children in my hands. What would you do if you were in my place? Decisions must be made. I will encourage greater stress on measures that will prevent viral wave impacts in future by promoting basic health initiatives as simple as smoking and addiction alleviation measures, greater nutritional and life style education measures, pressure on sugar drinks and junk food and highly processed food consumption, and greater thought with regard to agricultural practice and support for local/in home/fresh food production. I could go on and on with regard to grass roots social stability associate with family health and simple moral integrity as such strengths develop or decline and are the building blocks of a viable society. But I will not be supporting the unsupported and suicidal initiative to eradicate the covid threat by extermination at the expense of destroying our society as a whole.

Individuals will not be forced to submit to an experimental medical treatment which may have major health and social impacts in future and is clearly not advancing the theoretic drive to exterminate the covid virus. I will not force lockdowns and socially disruptive measures as simple but as devastating as ‘social distancing’ and even the disruptive ‘masking’ policy which impacts vital interpersonal relations and promotes panic and interpersonal distrust. These supposedly positive measures have frightful negative consequences socially and economically, that must be acknowledged. I will not squander current and future public funds to take the heat off my instituting economically disastrous moves made to placate the covid proponents.  Further, I am acting against the backdrop of a perceived crisis that is of a very synthetic nature (low relative death count – sketchy theoretic support concepts – miserable, and, tragic solution attempt performance to date). In summary, I am not prepared to cater to a specialized facet focus at the expense of the broad expanse of the society that I have been elected to oversee. This storm of insanity will pass. I will put my energies into initiatives that will yield positive results in the long run! Thank you. Goodnight!”

Well, my little exercise in Dreamland.  I do not expect to hear anything like this soon!
The drum beat goes on and on.  False news from sketchy sources is bad news. Selective reporting and spin from reputable news sources is totally different and totally acceptable - or so it seem, in the minds of some.

Consider the following recent CBC headline item which is so typical it would seem the article folk follow a template.  For those who don't read or those who read but don't bother thinking things through, how can this material do anything but stir a panic reaction?  The message is clear, on the surface at least.  Dig deeper and I contend the message is also clear, but very different than the surface appeal.
The home page hook brings us to the actual article and - Yow! - this is even worse than the hook indicated!  Let's dive into 'horrifying reality'!  This looks like a major crisis and the folly of the 'unvaccinated' is at the forefront!
I attempted to listen to Dr.Wong's recording but, for unknown reasons, the clip would not play.

I do not question that there may well be an overload situation but there is no indication that any thought has been given to underlying issues and past mistakes that allow the virus to impact people.

I see no reservation about pushing the panic button despite the experience of Israel and their high level of vaccination.  Did vaccination application success prevent that area from seeing a wild rise in hospitalizations?  Is the situation as simple as this article suggests?

Does the injection of the 'prevents the spread of the virus from those who are infected' comment have solid footing in observed reality?

Is the entire article and the thought processes in play in 'the read' rooted in the theory that the virus can be exterminated, and is that 'theory' a flight of fantasy?

Vaccination is unflinchingly held up as an immediate cure-all and there is zero concern expressed for potential long term impact. Worrisome!  Foolish?  Sinister?
As we 'plunge into the worst stage' one might think that vaccine manufacturers and enthusiastic advocates might express an apology for the lousy performance of their product, but the article sluffs that minor detail off.

Also, in stereotypical style, deaths are highlighted as if the world is standing still for the covid act. Any thinking person will grind some numbers and be in amazement that the authorities and the media spinners can overlook and be silent regarding simple reality.

4 people die on average in a 14 day period, and is it "from covid" or "with covid"?  Thinking people know the answer even with spin terms applied. Good that the humps and bumps are accounted for.  How many people die in total during that same time?  Do the simple math.  Close to 48, simply to maintain an 80 yr life span.  How much did covid impact that 80 year figure?  Likely very little.  Why do 4 deaths get the spotlight?
I assume the hospital overload reports are accurate but given the level of medical, governmental, and media spin and distortion that is in your face, I do at times wonder with regard to that simple detail.  Assuming the immediate overload is real there is still an obvious flaw in the total 'covid response' phenomenon that has swept the world, and that flaw has been devastating and as the symptoms of mental disruption drag on, it would appear the worst is yet to come!