Merrill     Dunes
Types of Events Offered 
The same games as paintball and airsoft but with a relaxed atmosphere - no masks - no pain - no mess - no time wasted cleaning mask spatter and fog - but all the excitement and competition of a socialized, 3D, full colour video game.  Outdoor events at our field are the most cost effective way to experience the thrill of laser action tag!

We also offer mobile laser at a location of your choice.  We have highly effective portable barricades, night lighting, a PA system, and mobile game systems.  Mobile works for larger groups and special events.  Our mechanical bull can be included in mobile events as well.

We also do indoor events.  Our mobile equipment is designed to be easy to move in and out and to provide a high level of excitement in somewhat restricted space.
We no longer offer paintball nor airsoft.
In 2024 we plan to offer laser game system rental such that you can rent taggers and a Pepper Box game system during the week or over a weekend. 
In 2024 we plan to offer a variety of laser packages with a significant price range. As soon as possible we will list the various packages and if you are uncertain as to the package that fits your needs, call 280-4100 and I can provide quick advice.