Merrill     Dunes
Action Tag in Three Flavours:   Paintball, Laser, Airsoft
Regular paintball, soft hit / low impact paintball, winter paintball, night paintball!
Outings available May to October.  
Indoor or outdoor in simple to complex formats.  Available all year subject to overload periods during the summer months.
Combine laser-tag with a mechanical bull ride - indoor or outdoor, on-field or mobile.  An exciting choice for larger groups that want an exciting and memorable event and a low unit cost.
Airsoft available every Sunday. July 25/26 Mega Game was shot down by the covid panic reaction but a smaller scale replacement is being planned for August 23rd.
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Smoke Inventory is Complete!
We are open. Pricing is excellent and adjusted to the amazingly jumbled times! And as you might guess, there is lots of space on the calendar!  Give your Body and Mind and Connection Account a supercharge - Outdoor Action Tag according to the Merrill Dunes Formula is what you need.
Dane is soaking up sun, forest fresh unrestricted air, and mental rejuvenation, in the Freedom Zone, and can focus on playing the wonderful game of Life. He is almost surely being tracked by a friend's sniper scope, and loving it, and he is free from the relentless and un-asked-for contageous shots from the crazed media!
Custom WP40/BWP 5 pack - only $47.50!