Merrill     Dunes
Outdoor Laser-Tag
Merrill Dunes is unique in that we cater to relatively small private groups, one group at a time, on a field that is scaled and designed to deliver high content "action tag" games that capture the minds of players who come for exciting and friendly interaction.  We aim to send groups away with enhanced inter-personal connections - and we have developed a broad formula that achieves this goal very effectively!  You automatically get a team-builder / group-mixer event, even without asking!

Our paintball and laser-tag formats are very similar and between the two, provide a route for just about any group to experience an exciting action tag gathering.

Our Outdoor Laser-Tag events take place from April to October.  During May to the end of August we try to provide a service to small groups who are after a simple and very economic laser-tag format. We have the capacity to do mobile events and to set up indoor events during the winter months.