Merrill     Dunes
Shoot and Ride; Laser-Tag plus Bull Riding!
Shoot and Ride events work where the client has a large group to entertain, wants an exciting and memorable event, and needs a relatively low unit cost.  S&R events are a flow-through arrangement where a group is broken up into smaller groups, each small group doing a different activity along side the other small groups.

Mechanical Bull rides only work as a flow-through event.  One rider at a time, times 20 riders, uses up a half hour. Spectators enjoy the event for a limited period of time and the actual rides are in the one minute range - but it is a memorable minute - few riders can handle any longer!  A group of 60 can be split into three groups.  In a 1.5 to 2 hr time slot of actual play (prep time not included) one group can play laser tag, one group can cycle through the bull ride, and one group can float, play at a secondary laser tag area, or be involved in other activities that the organizer has put in place - a weiner roast, a hay ride, a hike - whatever.  Any configuration can be engineered to fit time and player numbers and budget.

The S&R events can take place outdoors on Merrill Dunes property, can be set up outdoors remotely as a mobile event, or can be set up indoors remotely as a mobile event.  

Shoot and Ride events are going to cost a minimum of $1000 as a certain scale is needed to achieve economic viability.  Exact details of the client's needs impact pricing but the base price is set and an easy project results in more bells and whistles being included without a price rise.  Mobile events, off Merrill Dunes property, are likely going to cost more - again, exact details need to be considered and we will gladly discuss your goals and requirements.