Merrill Dunes Features

Merrill     Dunes

25 Year Plus of Experience with laser, paintball, and airsoft action tag focused into Laser Action Tag!

Laser tag has come a long ways in the last 25 years and for the average person, we feel it is superior value vs other forms of action tag.  Not needing to protect your eyes from speeding projectiles has so many benefits.  Lack of worry, lack of lense fog, lack of time used cleaning up so you can see, lack of ammo supply hassle as well as cost - REAL pluses.  And the opportunity for game automation has produced activities that draw a group in and produce competitive excitement!

By focusing on laser, we are able to put far more time into upgrading the Dunes Laser Experience and being able to specialize has, and will, provide our clients with constantly improving entertainment value.

For those who miss the "Merrill Dunes paintball experience", you will not find any replacement closer than the "Merrill Dunes laser action tag experience"!  Very similar games (actually better) and very similar delivery.  The raw adrenaline impact and thrill of brutality may be missing but these features are made up for with so many positive pluses that paintball was incapable of delivering.  A new Merrill Dunes Era is underway!