Merrill Dunes Features

Merrill     Dunes

Private Event Format - The Way Paintball Should Be

Private Events – we focus on one group at a time – numbers are limited – the whole operation is yours.  You see no one but your family or group.  When you rent a private cabin for a family outing, "private" is not thought to mean sharing a kitchen and toilet and a dormitory bedroom with the assurance that, as other clients flow through, a referee maid will guide you to a bed to sleep in, for a set time, by yourself, thus delivering a “private” experience. That analogy is comparable to what other paintball fields refer to as “private” – a field smaller than our own, broken up into tiny segments in which individual groups play under the management of a ref.

Private Fire pits and table space and shelter for eating at both fields.

Reality Safety Methods

Superior Safety techniques – double lense thermal masks are the greatest safety feature of paintball – the temptation to lift a fogged mask is difficult to fight – blindness in the short term encourages blindness in the long term!  If a paintball field is concerned about safety, it will use double lense thermal masks.  Client education and “client connection” based safety tactics put minds and eyes everywhere there is action – field design skill is applied in unique ways with 20 years of application experience.  Running a police state doesn't deliver safety - our methods do.  (See more on our Safety page)

Thermal masks – and the front line system to keep them intact and clear – and the behind the scenes system to keep them functional and hygienically clean.

Cost and Value

Up Front pricing without secondary extraction tactics.  No “adrenalin trap tactics” that get you onto the field, thinking you are getting all sorts of perks, which in effect  are of little value, and then by using adrenalin stupor and group pressure, extracting unforeseen expenses out of clients such that they end the day paying far more than they expected.  We present our prices, tax included.  We know how much ammo the average person will use and we supply it in the basic package.  And then, we provide extra in quality form at a low price and in small increments.  Only pleasant surprises!

High speed, low travel, secure, low increment, heated ammo system which is vital for relaxed and efficient play, especially on cool days when ball breakage in guns is an issue.  You get a bargain price on quality ammo which you can buy in small increments if you use more than the ample basic allotment.  There is no need to worry about security issues associated with having to buy and store case lots in order to get a lower unit price.

Use of premium paint – not low value white box field paint.

General low prices, especially given the value offered, made possible by innovative design, unique automation features, and realistic goals with regard to company profits.  The owner does not drive a Mercedes!

Automatic sliding price list that spits the cost saving efficiencies of larger groups with the group while providing a truly private playing environment.

Machine washed and disinfected masks.  One use laser caps and clothing and masks.  Everything is washed after each use.

Guns and masks and coveralls in excellent condition.

The Field

Large separate fields – heavy capital investment – well designed fields with safe zone hubs - 2000 large inverted cup dumpsters – 2 double decker aluminum cattle trailers – 6 towers – multiple forts – two large, full service safe zones – 14 large buses – 1 army truck – 1 bren gun carrier base – 1 large crawler loader – 6 wired bases – 2 game control kiosks – two high pressure air systems – two hot water mask wash stations - both fields have extensive night lighting – both fields have total PA system coverage

Ideal footing – solid sand – no puddles or mud - no rocks – no poison ivy – no cactus - minimal bugs – minimal ticks due to the sandy conditions.

Capacity to go in rain due to sandy soil, no mud, and capacity to use double lense masks.  All these points are vital to quality wet weather play and the planning of events.  We can go in almost any weather.  You plan – we go!

Optimal natural cover with trees and bushes along with clean trails for safe running.

No bossy, talkative, play time wasting refs – no down time for inter facility travel and supply securement.

Central safe zone – rapid service for masks, ammo, and any technical problems – low turnaround on games.

The Games

Deflected momentum, full time play – no hit and you sit – automated game systems keep clients playing constantly with almost no down time.

Dramatic game menu and wired fields – steady innovations.  More complex, advanced games are available on tap for repeat clients.  Like video games, multiple levels are available.

Free choice of mess and pain levels with always the same underlying game systems – laser – airsoft – soft hit – regular paintball – private events – walkon events.

Self Determined Adrenalin Level

Because our fields are so large and have so many places to hide, the timid player can minimize the risk of actually getting hit.  Our games have focal point bases and if you want action, you go to the focal points.  If you want to have some excitement but mainly as an observer, it is easy to stay on the borders of chaos!  We do not utilize close quarter games nor meat grinder games. As a result female players and younger players find the field perfect.  They decide on their risk level.  They don't get pushed into situations that they are not comfortable with.  But they are part of the gang.

The Location

Close to all parts of the city via the south bridge connection.  In the heart of the Valley Road Corridor.

Minimal parking and access problems when it rains due to sandy soil and our own road maintenance equipment.

Important Details

20 years of experience – massive capitalization – constant innovation – a fabulous safety record – a game system and service focused approach that is unique in Canada – satisfaction of a few clients ahead of volume of clients.  If Merrill Dunes is evaluated on the listed points, all other fields in the area can only offer a shadow of the Reality that is Merrill Dunes.