Merrill     Dunes
The Pepper Box Experience!
The Pepper Box is a Merrill Dunes game design that is very easy to use but radically powerful at creating suspenseful games that boosts laser action tag into "Hyper Drive Mode!"

How does the Pepper Box Experience unfold?

Round up six to ten active kids, come to the Dunes, and you will have a barricade rich playing field all to yourselves plus a Pepper Box Game System for 2.5 hours.

You must have an adult supervisor who will have simple instructions on how to use the equipment and how to organize proven games for the gang.  Once your group is flying, you may wish to improvise and even change your play zone map slightly.  No stifling postage stamp play areas - you will have LOTS of exciting Space!

The Game System lets you play numerous games;
- HEAT - (Hockey Equivalent Action Tag)
- Base Masters - (the equivalent of Domination which is a copy of Base Masters and was introduced prior to Domination)
- Last Team Standing - where team reactivations are automatically limited by the Team Medic Boxes thus allowing one team to totally and quickly expire first, after a heated battle.  Thus a suspenseful game end with minimal down time for eliminated players.
- Secret Agent - where one mystery player on each team uses a "Team Force Capsule" to activate the Pepper Box.

See the Price List page for event pricing from $200 to $240 for up to 10 players.
The Pepper Box is designed to be easy for the novice game manager to figure out and use to provide exciting action tag games for a small group of players.
The game system includes gun packs that make it easy to look after and to distribute the laser tagers that are the vital ingredient of the game system.
The game system includes a Medic Box for each team.  When a player is eliminated, no problem, medical help is close at hand.  No waiting lists in the Merrill Dunes Medical System!  And unlimited medical insurance coverage is included in your initial rental fee!

Medic Boxes can be set for time duration, reactivation totals, or a combination of both.