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Private Events
2023 Paintball Private Event Prices
( Actually all events  are private )
3 hour


2023 Private Laser Events
All Events include your standard gun and mask. Jump suits are $5.50 extra.  Prices include all taxes. Play times are accurately stated.

2 hour event includes 500 painballs

3 hour event includes 500 paintballs

(extra paintballs are available in 50s and 100s for 5 cents per ball, taxes included.  Jugs of 500 balls are 4 cents each.  We use high quality Procap paintballs and do not use or sell whitebox field paint. Our low price is set to undercut the motivation to use outside paint and we do not allow outside paint.)

Currently we are not doing SPOT BOOKINGS

Equipment Discounts for having your own gear;
2 hr mask = $2.25
2 hr gun = $1.75
2 hr cylinder = $1.00
3 hr mask = $2.75
3 hr gun = $2.25
3 hr cylinder = $1.00

2 hour

2 hour

Here are a few thoughts that will help you to analyse pricing;

We include the proper number of paintballs in the base amount and have a relatively low price and low volume increments for additional paintballs.  It is an industry pattern to have a low basic price, too few paintballs included, and high refill prices or high refill volumes.  Once the adrenalin hits, no one worries about the cost of more paint but at the end of the day, players have spent more than they expected.  The operator knows the numbers.  The clients are fooled.  

If you do a 3 hr event, in that case the bulk 500 paintballs will likely be low while the 500 for a 2hr event is overkill.  Keep this in mind.  We find, in recent years, that few groups go more than the 2 hrs.  We keep you moving in that time and it seems current fitness levels are such that most players are thrashed at the 2 hr mark!

We use thermal masks.  This is not common practice but has a huge impact on safety and fun.  You need to see and you need to keep your mask on!  Typical, mass production fields are physically structured so that thermals are not practical to provide.  No thermals? - you should pay a lot less.  Safety is seriously compromised.

When fields sell you a 2 hr time slot, often it means you get about 1 hr of play time.  We do not include equipment issue or return in the time you pay for.  We do not include the initial instruction session.  And our field design, set up for low player numbers and highly personal service, means that mask and ammo service time is minimized.  There is no travel time to various remote field locations.  And game turn around times are very low. You play.  You don't have to listen to refs talk.  And our automated and wired field means that you don't waste time on simplistic "hit and you sit" games.  Merrill Dunes gives you a true "full time specified" of go-go-go Deflected Momentum Action!

Also, we do not use the theatre trick of "ding them on the popcorn".  We do sell drinks but clients are free to bring their own food and drinks and the private setting allows them to enjoy eating as well as play.

We try to give you what you think you are paying for plus many value gems that you might not think about.

All prices include all taxes.  Play time is accurate and means that players get the 2 hr play time indicated. Equipment setup and return as well as initial instructions are not included in the paid time period so a two hour event takes about three hours from arrival to departure.
The number of paintballs included in each event time is above what is really necessary but we have found that when the ammo is available, it gets used and the group has a good time.   
For Saturday evening Latenighters (if offered) the format is a 2 hr event and a 10 player minimum.  Cost per player is $5.00/player higher than the regular base price.  The price includes all taxes. 

For Sunday evening events, which means times lasting after 6:00pm.  The format is a 2 hr or longer event and a 10 player minimum.  Cost per player is $3.00 higher than the regular base price.  The price includes all taxes. The slight pricing boost is related to labour costs for the extended day.

On Saturday and Sunday eveningsoutdoor laser is also available with a 10 player minimum, 2 hr duration, and a price boost of of $5 per player and $3 per player as with paintball events.  All taxes included, and with laser there are no additional costs such as coveralls or extra ammo.  Groups are totally private.

We do have player number minimums but you are free to bring fewer - the crunch is cost.  The minimum sets the group base cost.

Call 306-382-2728 or call or text 306-280-4100
Prices are "per player" - not for an entire group.  Unit price drops as group size increases.
Prices are "per player" - not for an entire group.  Unit price drops as group size increases.
2 hr laser events are the only option we currently offer.  That time period works ideally for the activity and given current staffing and economic conditions it allows us to deliver a quality experience with economic viability on our end.

We will do smaller groups but the cost is the same as for the 10 player minimum.