A Tour of Field 1
Merrill     Dunes
Two Paintball / Airsoft / Laser Tag fields stand out in the Saskatoon Area.  They are close to each other but are totally separate.  They are different yet they have positive similarities.  Which is the Best?  Here is a tour of Merrill Dunes Field 1.  You can tour Merrill Dunes Field 2 when you are done casing #1.  It's a tough call to pick the Winner.  But it is pleasant to be faced with such a choice!
Field 1 is our original Field.  It has more physical obstacles but less bush than Field 2.  It is more open with better distance visibility.  It cannot handle as many players without congestion points.  The night lighting system is better at Field 1 and the Field is winterized which allows going all year and being able to handle early spring events very effectively.  Field 1 has a Powerpoint system which is helpful for explaining games.  Both fields have large magnetic maps showing where bases are located.  We can run laser on Field 1 but usually we use Field 2 for laser events.