Merrill     Dunes
Have a look at our regular booking policy. It is largely symbolic but seems to filter out “bookings” that are likely not going to happen, and helps clients to appreciate our position as well. In the case of Grad events the stakes are much higher for both the clients and for Merrill Dunes. So for “end of June” bookings we immediately ask for a valid credit card number with permission to run $200 on the card 30 days ahead of the reserved date. This verifies that the card is valid and leans slightly on the client. Up to the 30 day point you can cancel without cost. After that date you can select a new time if it is available and you can cancel and take a $100 hit and get a $100 refund so long as there are two weeks to go. Two weeks ahead of the date, you lose the $200 if you cancel, for any reason. In the event that weather is a serious issue, by our determination, there is no charge and the $200 is refunded. Thus grad organizers are sharing some risk and in exchange they have the forces of Merrill Dunes committed to delivering a private, top quality event for the students!
June Grad Bookings