Team Builder Events
Merrill     Dunes
A specialty event we can offer provides a team building event for player groups of up to 100 players at one time, all interacting in a single game, and in an organized manner.

An example was the 80+ player University of Saskatchewan Husky outing.

The event consisted of two teams, the integrated use of both our east and west fields with their six wired bases, and a single integrated game where all team progress and mission successes positioned each team for a final push to raise the team flag - that achievement determining the game winner.

The game was then repeated with teams switching reactivation stations, assuring an even match for the day.

The players were provided with an instructional video that they viewed before arriving at Merrill Dunes.  The video explained the game details and showed basic rules such as how reactivations work and what special missions would override the basic challenge of controlling bases and earning associated points.  For parties interested in a similar event, contact us for the Husky video link.  It helps to illustrate the excitement of the big game concept.

A vital element of the package is the provision of game cards that players and squad leaders are provided with. This information system, in effect, provides specialized rolls for various "squads" and provides a type of "Paper General" for each team, such that a fairly complex game can take place with minimal coaching and planning ahead of time.  The challenge with these large events is to have "quick, organized fun" for a large group without undue training tedium.

Info cards act as "Paper Generals" for the two teams.
The dual flag tower is the focal point for the final moments of the big game.
Each Husky team had a Safe Zone to themselves.  Here we see the victorious Team Red.
Team Red puts up their ensign in the final game half.
Team Red celebrates their victory.
The Goat is one of the tools that the teams get to use in their pushes for victory.
The troops in the Goat are safe from hits and the opposing team must knock out the external targets in order to send the menace back to its base!
Merrill Dunes has the field facilities and organizational experience to make these events run smoothly and can provide a highly memorable experience for the participants.  It is likely safe to say that we can provide a team building experience better than any other facility in Saskatchewan and likely even in western Canada.  It is a multi-facet project and our wired fields, communication systems, and game development experience all come together to make the positive end result.

As mentioned above, if your organization has an interest in a large scale outing, ask for our instructional video link, which will show you the facility and the tools we have at hand to put on a successful event for your team.