Merrill     Dunes
Outdoor Paintball
Merrill Dunes is unique in that we cater to relatively small private groups, one group at a time, on a field that is scaled and designed to deliver high content "action tag" games that capture the minds of players who come for exciting and friendly interaction.  We aim to send groups away with enhanced inter-personal connections - and we have developed a broad formula that achieves this goal very effectively!  You automatically get a team-builder / group-mixer event, even without asking!

Most of our paintball activity is in summer.  Most paintball groups utilize regular 68 cal paintballs.  We can deliver 50 cal low impact / soft hit paintball format but we point out to potential clients the limitations of the low impact system.  We also are set up for winter paintball events and we have excellent night lighting for night events.

Soft Hit / Low Impact paintball has the limitation that the little balls tend to bounce off clothing.  In a way, the game becomes a bit like airsoft which runs on an honor system.  I do not feel that soft hit works well for younger players.  Ammo use is high and cheating is often rampant.  Game integrity is difficult to achieve.  Gong-show frustration is evident!  Where soft hit can shine is for family outings which combine adults with younger children or youths, where the group is simply out to have a fun time and the mindset is such that an airsoft/honor system will function. - - - Such fun to run around and blast each other with minimal damage but yet with the satisfaction of scoring hits at a distance! Perfect for situations where mature minds are driving wimp bodies!