Regular Paintball 
Merrill     Dunes
There is no need to say much about Regular Paintball.  Our Prices and Fields and Games and Support Systems make Merrill Dunes stand out.  Watch the flow of photos in the scroller and there is no need for more words!  No stock photos here.  It's all Dunes.  REALITY is on display!
 - the old Standard remains the same but the Dunes Environment and Games are always changing for the better.
Like driving racing cars and risking your skin, the gamble and pain of regular paintball fires the adrenalin and lets you surf on the edge of Life!  When you are in the Field, Ma isn't there as a back-seat driver!  You are making the decisions and the time clock is set on milli-seconds!  As one client said of laser, "I don't want to do that.  It doesn't HURT!"  Run for cover and sit on the Trigger!  You're Alive!