Merrill     Dunes
In 2024 we offer 1 hr, 1.5 hr, 2 hr, 2.5 hr, and 3 hr laser action tag events.  We also have self serve events for small groups of 6 to 10 players.  And we offer a weekend rental pack for those who want to organize their own "action map" on their acreage or park setting.
Combine laser-tag with a mechanical bull ride - indoor or outdoor, on-field or mobile. An exciting choice for larger groups that want an exciting and memorable event!
In 2024 we will have far greater capacity for mobile laser events. Consider an office or warehouse battle! Business conventions or family reunions can benefit from the "mixer" and "team builder" powers of the unique Merrill Dunes "Achievement Rush" format!  We can also deliver a "stadium version" for indoor or outdoor mobile where players not only have fun but provide major spectator value as well!
Google maps seems to get you to us but Apple maps, which we do not seem to be able to correct, land you at a house in Confederation Park.
As far as we are aware, Merrill Dunes Laser Action Tag is unique in the world - and if you live in the progressive city of Saskatoon, you can enjoy the Best in your own back yard!

HEAT, Scraphawk Down/Rescue Rush, and the Pentagon, are our own creations backed up with innovative equipment from our own workshop. Our wireless Basemaster System has many exciting applications and pre-dated Domination, the popular video game which appeared well after our Basemaster development.  Our "Achievent Rush" game style caters to human players (most of us!) who like to see solid physical evidence 
of their effort or lack thereof!  Games should be REAL and connect to
REAL People, and at the Dunes, they do!  Details and Delivery count!
Nutrient Summer Students came to play paintball but we leaned on them to try laser and to give us a reaction.  What did they think?  Read the faces!  No mask
hassles.  Dramatic range and accuracy feedback. Co-ed friendly. Superior game modes that "draw you in"!  No propellant nor ammo time bleeds.  Focused Fun!
Luka and Friends visit the Dunes again - intensity of play upgrades at each visit!
The Price page gives a list of times we are open and prices for the various event packages that we offer in 2024.
Add some colour and noise to your outing!  
The MD Roadster Cap provides a secure and comfortable base onto which we can attach our Quick & Secure Sensor mounts.  It provides a sun peak.  It gives hair style freedom be it a ponytail, a bun, or an Afro!  And like its highway cousin, it lets the fresh air blow through your hair as you fly on adrenaline powered missions of achievement. Another Dunes detail to fire the Experience!

Thanks to Alex, Bobbie, Leah, and Mackenzie!
HPA Compressors
500 Masks
Hundreds of Markers
Paintball Accessories
Airsoft Stuff
A record time for rescuing Gerry the Scraphawk pilot was established by the Gold Blazer Team - 1 minute 27 seconds!  To give the achievement context, the Blue Blazer Team had already proven their competence in earlier games and had a one player advantage.  Truly a moment of brilliance and perhaps a touch of luck! Team Blue, illustrated their class by acknowledging that their competitors had achieved a Rescue Rush masterpiece!  In typical fashion, another laser action tag gathering ends with two happy teams, boosted by their enjoyable and all out competition with their friends!
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Guide Gather Canada Wide Event - a clean canvas to set up on and two mobile action tag fields provided!
John Egnatoff School Grad "Shoot and Ride".