Merrill     Dunes
Action Tag in Three Flavours:   Paintball, Laser, Airsoft
Regular paintball, soft hit / low impact paintball, winter paintball, night paintball!
Outings available April to October.  
Combine laser-tag with a mechanical bull ride - indoor or outdoor, on-field or mobile.  An exciting choice for larger groups that want an exciting and memorable event and a low unit cost.
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Regular paintball, soft hit / low impact paintball, winter paintball, night paintball!
Indoor or outdoor in simple to complex formats.  Available all year subject to overload periods during the summer months.
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Night Event at the Meat Grinder!
When groups make a booking, we make a commitment to be there for them. That commitment may be impacted by current trends that twenty years ago would have been regarded as being diabolical.  
As a black fog of contagious tyranny progressively infects the earth, riding on a flimsy exploitation of the human proclivity for simplistic and myopic panic, the sudden death of Merrill Dunes becomes a definite possibility. I tolerated lockdowns and mask edicts and their crippling impact but should either the Provincial or Federal governments mandate an amped up choice of vaccination submission or business death, the decision will be simple and quick.

Hopefully Cdn freedom and wisdom will not sink to such a shocking level, but if they do, the summary will be as follows;

We have seen many years of great times and have enjoyed mingling with thousands of happy people – but we must go – hopefully a quick death of Merrill Dunes will inspire a few individuals to do some honest research and come to appreciate the future fate of a creeping tyranny and its chosen policies which together will ultimately break bad.

Almost 80 years ago, the Scholl siblings and friends made a clear and confident statement on the struggle between the freedom and vision of the individual vs power crazed and faulted autocratic tyranny, in all its forms. That struggle was and is ongoing. Negative impacts of current abuses are obvious to those with eyes that can see, and the worst is yet to come.
For the moment, and hopefully for the longer run, we are here, and attempting to deliver good times!