Merrill     Dunes
Action Tag in Three Flavours:   Paintball, Laser, Airsoft
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Up to March 14, 2021 we are only offering outdoor paintball and mobile indoor laser tag. 
We do not have provision for airsoft nor outdoor laser tag until spring.

Link buttons are provided to give you details including winter pricing.  A link button will also 
take you to the summer home page as of October of 2020.  2021's summer page will be similar.

We are disease panic sensitive - one group only, as in YOUR group, on site at any one time - and that includes the Safe Zone as well as the entire playing field.  Actually, one group at a time has always been our policy. And we put teeth in 'social distancing' as in insisting that everyone packs a gun!  If someone infringes your comfort zone, "Let-im have it!"
Products for Sale
Tippmann A5 with E-grip - $250.00
Tippmann Crossover - $250.00
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Click on image for details
Click on image for details
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Tippmann 68 cal. Pistol Kit - $290.00
Direct Action Laser Gun - $50.00/unit
Radio Feedback Laser Gun - $90.00/unit
Merrill Dunes 4 colour T-shirts - $30.00
Tippmann M4 Airsoft Carbine - $345.00
Got an acreage or small farm and want an extra revenue source?  Try growing 'Friendship Stimulation'! Now, in the dust of the disease panic, this business model is a sleeping Ace in the cloud! Clic the slab for the story!